Haunted House Cake 8x10 wood plaque


Halloween is way at the top of our fave Holiday list. We just love all of the classic imagery associated with All Hallows Eve...the old haunted house and gnarly trees scattered with ravens. And it's the one time of year that absolutely calls for plenty of orange, black, and white.
And that's exactly what we wanted to capture with our Haunted House Cake. All of the quintessential Halloween elements and colors.
A double chocolate layer cake with white piping, plenty of sprinkles, and topped with a spooky miniature vignette. And oh yeah, it wouldn't be complete without at least a few candy corns making an appearance.

This piece features a high quality print of our original painting mounted on a 1/2" thick 8" x 10" wooden plaque. The sides are painted black. It's signed, dated, and ready to hang.

*Special seasonal shipping:
We will try to ship all Halloween items a quickly as possible so that they can be displayed for the holiday.